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Shows by Venue

Here’s a list of shows Organised By Venue


Hotel Ángela
01st Feb
15th Feb
01st Mar
15th Mar
29th Mar
12th Apr
26th Apr
10th May
24th May
07th June Angela and Wedding
21st June
05th July
19th July
02nd Aug
16th Aug
30th Aug
13th Sept
27th Sept
11th Oct
25th Oct
08th Nov
22nd Nov
06th Dec
20th Dec

Restaurant Las Casitas
14th Feb
28th Feb
14th Mar
28th Mar
11th Apr
25th Apr
09th May
23rd May
06th June
20th June
04th July
18th July
01st Aug
15th Aug
29th Aug
12th Sept
26th sept
10th Oct
24th Oct
07th Sept
21st Sept
05th Dec
19th Dec


Saturday 30th March 21:00 – 00:00
Saturday 18th May 21:00 – 00:00

Restaurant The Casbah
21st Feb
07th Mar
21st Mar
04th Apr
18th Apr
02nd May
16th May
30th May
13th June
27th June
11th July
25th July
08th Aug
22nd Aug
05th Sept
19th Sept
03rd Oct
17th Oct
31st Oct
14th Nov
28th Nov
12th Dec
26th Dec

SCANDALS Restaurant & Bar Calahonda

Saturday 9th March – 21:00 – 23:00
Saturday 13th April – 21:00 – 23:00
Saturday 11th May – 21:00 – 23:00
Saturday 15th June – 21:00 – 23:00
Saturday 13th July – 21:00 – 23:00
Saturday 10th August – 21:00 – 23:00
Saturday 14th September – 21:00 – 23:00

Unless stated my shows are generic with a wide and varied repertoire of ballads, rock n roll and general music.
I am suited to virtually every event or venue.

I will perform in the fashion you require, softly and unobtrusively in the background for a restaurant or a little more up-front on a hotel stage – it’s your call.

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